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One of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy that contains important, but neglected, urban and rural landscapes that must be regenerated.
In order to improve the city's image and reduce cancer risks due to airborne steel particles and high carbon dioxide levels, we propose:

Carbon Capture Towers
landscape image towers page 2.jpg

Accentuating the Skyline Paradigm

Our inspiration comes from Cremona's vertical landscapes, specifically the iconic bell towers that protrude from its skyline and are visible throughout the entire city. Hence, our Carbon Capture Towers will respectfully mimic the vertical aspect while integrating modern biophilic design into an ancient and industrial infrastructure.

masterplan copy.jpg

We imagine the towers in a strategic loop around Cremona, starting from River Po and extending to industrial, agricultural and urban sites. Our main interest point is the Tamoil Refinery, the remains of an old oil factory, due to its high contamination level and proximity to the city. The refinery used to dominate Western Cremona's landscape, but is now dismantled with only fuel tanks remaining. Although the structure remains visible from nearby roads, few poplars and bushes partially hide the disaster left behind.


Our objective is to purify the air by re-vindicating the refinery and replacing the former infrastructure with our Carbon Capture Towers. After researching we decided the optimal location for our Tower is at the western part of the refinery, which stands between two factories and has the potential to diminish most air pollutants. Toxic particles and fumes will then be filtered through the tower's plant wrapped double-facade structure and released into the atmosphere as oxygen.

One tower iteration is composed of electric filter cubes that absorb particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide (No2), and ground level ozone (O3). Additionally, we are removing carbon dioxide (CO2) by proposing a vegetative-wrapped metal structure as a second skin to the cubes. An alternative design solution is a twisted staircase structure wrapped with seasonal plants. This iteration is also occupiable to provide viewpoints of Cremona. We aspire to modernize Cremona's skyline with our Carbon Capture Towers while protecting its historical landmarks, such as the Torazzo Bell Tower.

diagrams pt 1.png
diagrams pt 2.png

Carbon capture technology is advancing, with new methods to streamline CO2 absorption being tested. Architecture and urbanism must acknowledge and integrate such technologies into upcoming projects to achieve a carbon negative world. For example, our phase 1 towers are tailored to have cutting edge carbon capture technology and nature based solutions.

Render vertical landscape  F.jpg

One tower is positioned adjacent to the Arvedi Steel Mill in order to mitigate the amount of harmful particulate matter emitted into the atmosphere. At the base, riparian vegetation and climbers permeate the grounds, which transforms the old industrial park into a living ruin. Additionally, this 21 story tower offers unique vantage points for restaurants and bars on upper levels. The same spaces serve as a visual referent that attract locals and tourist to a newly rejuvenated park and green path to the Po River.

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